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Julián Calderón Gesha


Julián Calderón Gesha
Julián Calderón Gesha


Guava Blossom

Orange Marmalade

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Southern Huila, Palestina
Julián Calderón
1790 MASL

We are super excited to offer an extra special treat this holiday season. Like many industries, coffee is a dynamic and ever-changing microcosm. The industry moves and flows as knowledge is unearthed and shared, and its course can be affected by many different factors. Over the past few years, one trend the industry has seen take hold and grow is the focus on developing and refining certain cultivars (also called varietals or sub-species) of the coffea arabica plant. One of the most sought-after of these cultivars is known as the ‘Gesha’ cultivar.

The Gesha (or Geisha) varietal of the coffea arabica plant was originally collected from coffee forests in Ethiopia in the 1930s. The coffee came to prominence in 2005 when the Peterson family of Boquete, Panama, entered it into the “Best of Panama” competition and auction where it received exceptionally high marks and broke the then-record for green coffee auction prices at more than $20/lb. It is associated with extremely high cup quality when the plants are managed well at high altitude and is known for its delicate floral aromas and complex flavor profiles. Gesha varietals have become extremely sought-after in the world of specialty coffee, and we’re excited to have a chance to share some of this extremely small lot.

Another fine coffee brought to us by our friends at La Real Expedición Botánica (LaREB), this coffee was grown in Southern Huila, Colombia, by Julián Calderón and showcases some of the gorgeous flavors Geshas are known for. This coffee initially delights the pallet with a floral burst reminiscent of guava blossoms, a fruit widespread and beloved in Colombia. The flavor experience then rolls smoothly into the bright, sweet acidity and creamy mouthfeel of orange marmalade and finishes with the satisfying essence of ripe strawberry.

This lot was grown at an elevation of 1790 MASL and is fully washed. The cherries undergo a 48-hour anoxic fermentation followed by a 48-hour open-tank dry mass fermentation and are then sun-dried to perfection. We know this coffee may be a bit pricey for some, but we truly believe that this experience is worth every penny, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.