Colina del Viento


$8.00 - $110.00


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  • OriginColombia
  • RegionRiseralda, Caldas
  • ProducersJavier & Arlison Cortés
  • Altitude1700 MASL
  • VarietyColombia
  • ProcessFed Batch Washed

Colina del Viento is another great coffee brought to us through our friends at La Real Expedición Botánica (LaREB), the same Colombian collective that brought us Mustafa, Crucero Reserve, and many others.

LaREB brings together small producers from various regions throughout Colombia. Ana Mustafá is the director of the collective, and her family have been coffee farmers in the region for nearly 80 years. She is the third generation, and now runs the coffee farms alongside her father and cousin Claudia. From a sourcing philosophy, the work of LaREB falls right in line with our goal of transparency, quality, and relationship, and we are honored to have a chance to work with these amazing people. This specific lot was produced by Javier & Arlison Cortés.

This coffee comes from Risaralda, in the municipality of Caldas, and again demonstrates some very unique flavors compared to the ‘classic Colombian’ flavor profile. This lot is predominantly the Colombia varietal, this coffee really demonstrates the unique characteristics of this cultivar. This coffee starts its journey across the palate with a bright burst of pineapple and a hint of rosewater, then finishes with the lovely sweetness of cane sugar.

This lot was grown at an elevation of around 1700 MASL and is fully washed in a fed-batch process. The cherries are rested in husk for 24-48 hours and dry mass fermented for 48 hours before being dried in the bright Colombian sunshine. This is another unique Colombian coffee that we’re really enjoying, and we think you’ll love it too.