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  • OriginEthiopia
  • RegionEdido, Yirgacheffe
    Gersi, Yirgacheffe
  • ProducersAricha Washing Station
    Testi Adorsi Washing Station
  • Altitude1800 - 1900 MASL
    1950 - 2150 MASL
  • VarietyHeirloom
    Kudhumi & Kurume
  • ProcessWashed

In order to create a classic flavor profile for this first blend, we use a washed Ethiopian single-origin coffee as our base to establish the body, mouthfeel, and predominant tastes on the front end. Brightening the cup and adding some of the sweeter, more aromatic, and botanical notes is a naturally processed single-origin Ethiopian coffee. This blend has an amazingly smooth finish that encourages even your average coffee drinker to step back and re-evaluate the way they think about their morning brew. We love the process of exploration and discovery in blending coffees to come up with new and unique flavor profiles, and we’re really happy with how this one turned out.

The current blend is comprised of Aricha Edido (washed Ethiopian) and Yirgacheffe Gersi (natural Ethiopian).

The name ‘Flourish’ comes from our desire to see everyone prosper. We feel incredibly grateful for our employees, suppliers, and clients alike, and we want to do everyone justice by putting forward something we are incredibly proud to serve. Whether you are an espresso explorer or just enjoy a classic cup of drip coffee, we hope you enjoy Flourish as much as we do!

We would love for this coffee to encourage people to think about how we can help each other flourish in this world. What does ‘flourishing’ look like to you? What allows you to really flourish in your daily life? How can you help support someone else in what helps them flourish?

Be well, be inspired and flourish!

Espresso: 19g in, 52-53g out @ 32-33 sec