Single Serve Packs


$2.25 - $25.00



Now you can enjoy an amazing cup of Servant coffee anywhere you go – at home, in the office, traveling, on a plane, in the mountains or wherever your adventure takes you. Just add water, relax and enjoy!

We’re excited to offer our Tribute blend in a new format – as Steeped single-serve packs. Tribute’s more traditional taste profile with notes of dark chocolate and molasses really impressed us in this format. Very similar to tea bags, you steep the coffee bag in hot water according to the instructions on the back and voila, you have specialty coffee on the go!

Based in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, Steeped is at the cutting edge of coffee creativity and we’re delighted with our new partnership. With an ethos very similar to ours here at Servant Coffee, Steeped focuses on providing the technology for roasters to deliver a delicious cup of specialty coffee while maintaining the highest levels of social and environmental responsibility. Dedicated to relationships, Steeped demonstrates fairness and ethical business practices at all levels and at every step of the process. The packaging is made of non-GMO food grade renewable and biodegradable materials and is 100% compostable. In order to ensure you get the freshest, most delicious and most consistent cup of coffee, each pack is precision ground, nitrogen flushed to remove oxygen and ultrasonically sealed to preserve freshness.