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  • OriginEthiopia
  • RegionWest Arsi, Oromia
    Antigua Guatemala
  • ProducersGara Kogne Washing Station
    Fincas de Antigua Guatemala
  • Altitude1900 - 2100 MASL
    1500 - 1950 MASL
  • VarietyHeirloom
    Typica, Bourbon & Caturra
  • ProcessNatural

Tribute – given the launch timing of our new blend that coincides with a global crisis, we couldn’t think of a more fitting word to describe our feelings toward those who continually put others ahead of themselves.  We wanted to create a richer, more robust taste profile that showcases traditional coffee notes and works especially well on espresso. Given the interesting times we find ourselves in, we also wanted to honor all the amazing ways we’ve seen our fellow humans rise to the occasion and help support each other in times of need.

We had a lot of fun experimenting with this one. While our target was a great espresso blend, we wanted to make sure that this coffee would shine no matter how you choose to brew it. In order to create a more robust flavor profile, we use a washed Guatemalan single-origin from the Antigua region to establish the body, mouthfeel, and predominant tastes on the front end. Bringing balance to the cup and adding some of the sweeter, more luxurious flavors is a naturally processed single-origin Werka Ethiopian coffee. With a higher proportion of the washed Peruvian coffee than in other blends, this coffee is a treat on those mornings that you feel like a bolder, more traditional cup of coffee. We love fruity and floral, but sometimes you just crave the dark chocolate, molasses, and cacao flavors we get from this coffee.

The current blend is comprised of Fincas de Antigua Guatemala (washed Guatemalan) and Gara Kogne (natural Ethiopian).

The name ‘Tribute’ comes from our desire to honor the amazing ways we’ve seen humanity come together to support each other in these unprecedented times. This blend is a tribute to those long nights spent at hospitals caring for the ill, the selfless acts of kindness and support to uplift those in need, and the tough decisions we’ve all had to made for the sake of the greater good.

So next time you brew a cup or pull a shot of this bold coffee, think of someone in your life that has really stepped up to the plate and express your gratitude to them or for them. Maybe you’ll even feel inspired to reach out and tell them in person. No matter where you are or what you do, we’re grateful for you and inspired by all the ways you rise to the occasion.

Be well, be bold and stay strong!