Servant Coffee was founded with the fundamental belief that everyone prospers when we serve each other well. We will value and cherish every relationship along the way, from our suppliers at the coffee farms to our clients and the charities we support. From the quality of the coffee we sell to how we interact with everyone along the way, we will strive to serve you well.

Servant Coffee's Story

“Serving others prepares you to lead others.”



Not knowing he would someday open a coffee roastery, our founder John was inspired to start Servant Coffee while traveling throughout Southeast Asia and Colombia with his family. John and his wife Sarah were impacted by the coffee farms they visited as well as the international charities and NGOs they experienced. Inspired by the charities’ dedication to serving others and the incredible skill needed in the cultivation of the coffee, Servant Coffee was born. John and his family landed in Denver, Colorado and found the perfect location for a small-batch roastery.

From the beginning, Servant Coffee has been committed to sourcing amazing coffee while building community and serving others. We will serve our local community, suppliers, and clients with a humble attitude that reflects our core belief of putting others ahead of ourselves. Servant Coffee exists to influence lives while also serving some of the best coffee you will taste. We are building long-term relationships with coffee farmers and collectives around the world and with local nonprofits in our own community. We are committed to ensuring that we help improve the standard of living in all of the communities from which we source. We’re always looking for interesting new regions from which to source coffee, bringing resources to those communities while giving you access to some amazing coffee.

We want you to be a part of the Servant community. We would love to hear stories of connection and inspiration that you experience while sharing a cup of coffee with someone. We believe in community and in sharing life together.

Are you interested in visiting our roastery to see everything first hand? Reach out and we will set it up. Want to take it a step further and visit one of our coffee origins? Reach out to John’s wife Sarah at Purposeful Wanderings and she can help create a custom itinerary for you.

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From the beginning, we’ve been committed to making a difference on the local level by partnering with groups helping to support our community. We love serving others as much as we love serving amazing coffee, so we’ve built relationships with several Denver organizations that share our commitment to service.

Learn more about the groups you’ll be supporting with each purchase of Servant Coffee.


Our goal in sourcing quality coffee starts with relationships. We want to know and be able to provide traceability for all of our coffees. We want to know the farmers or collectives from whom we are buying. We believe in long term partnerships that are mutually beneficial, and we want to continually support the farmers and producers who are always looking for ways to improve, all the way from cultivation to milling. Our suppliers are our lifeline, and we have a deep respect for the people who devote their lives to cultivating coffee. We want to see our suppliers, their families, and the surrounding communities flourish.

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