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El Diamante


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El Diamante
El Diamante

Dark Chocolate

Cane Sugar


San Jose de Lourdes, Cajamarca
Roger Chilcon Flores
1900 MASL
Red & Yellow Caturra

With ideal growing conditions, great varieties and high altitude, there is incredible potential for knowledgeable farmers to grow outstanding coffee in Peru. While Peruvian coffees are well known for being well balanced with great sweetness, they can have a bit of a reputation for lacking some of the complexity found in other coffees in this region of the world. This coffee, from producer Roger Chilcon Flores, definitely defies that reputation.

Roger owns a 3-hectare coffee farm in the village of El Diamante in San Jose de Lourdes. The farm is planted entirely with red and yellow Caturra and sits at 1900 meters above sea level (MASL). Since Roger’s production is small, he has been buying cherry from neighboring farmers, who also grow Caturra and have plots at the same altitude. Roger has plenty of space on his farm for processing and drying the coffee, which allows him to control his whole process to ensure quality is controlled and is as good as possible. San Jose de Lourdes has a relatively unique micro-climate compared to other districts in Cajamarca, since it is much colder and has higher rainfall.

This climate, combined with growing at high altitude, gives a really complex cup profile that combines more traditional coffee flavors with high acidity typically associated with more fruit-forward notes. We love how the dark fruitiness of currants makes way for a nice clean finish and complexity that reminds us of unprocessed cane sugar.

Peru is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the specialty coffee field; taste this coffee and you’ll understand why. Thanks Roger!