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La Triada


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La Triada
La Triada


Maple Syrup

Caramel Apple

La Celia, Risaralda
Mustafá Family
1550 - 1650 MASL
Fully Washed

La Triada was introduced to us through La Real Expedición Botánica (LaREB), an exclusive collective of coffee producers in Colombia. Only in existence for a short time, LaREB has received continued guidance and education on processing technologies and quality control. Ana Mustafá is the director of the collective, and her family have been coffee farmers in the region for nearly 80 years. She is the third generation and now runs the coffee farms alongside her father and cousin Claudia. For the majority of their life they sold commodity coffee to local collectives where prices are set by the FNC. There is very minimal focus on quality improvement or traceability, and a stronger reliance upon overall yield. However, about 3 years ago Ana was introduced to the specialty coffee market where quality and transparency is valued and incentivized. From this point, she began selling specialty lots through LaREB and we feel fortunate to partner with her on this new path. Experimentation and innovation now play a much bigger role at the farm and we love to see this kind of development and progress.

La Triada comes from a collection of 3 farms in La Celia. It is primarily from the Colombia variety and grown at an altitude of around 1600 MASL. The fascinating thing about this coffee is that it used to be sold directly to the FNC. It does not have many of the specialty processes involved in production, but the quality is impressive. The Mustafás have a highly productive set of farms, with good yields, amazing quality, and are making a premium income on the specialty market which highlights the importance of traceability.

From a sourcing philosophy, the work of LaREB falls right in line with our goal of transparency, quality, and relationship. We are excited to see this type of work continue and what the future holds for Ana Mustafá and her family.