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Mindat Mar Hung


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Mindat Mar Hung
Mindat Mar Hung


Golden Plum

Simple Syrup

Mindat, Chin State
Mar Hung
1400 - 1600 MASL
S795, SL34

In the Chin state of Myanmar, coffee has been growing wild since the British colonized the region in 1824. During the colonization, the British suggested that the Chin people grow coffee as a source of income, but when the coffee was ready to be harvested the British pulled out of Myanmar and the longest running civil war in history began. Because of sanctions and the remoteness of the region, no one ended up buying the coffee and it was left to grow wild. The 2010 election in Myanmar was the first step towards democracy and the military Junta was dissolved in 2011, sparking a newfound interest in coffee farming among the younger generation in Chin state.

Thanks to people like Mar Hung with his processing facility, roastery and café, people in the region can see every part of the coffee process and even taste their own coffee. In 2016, Mar Hung and his wife established Hornbill Chin Coffee to create opportunities for farmers in the region to sell their coffee. They also started a coffee shop in Mindat with the goal of inspiring the community to learn more about coffee. This year, Hornbill Chin Coffee became involved in every step of the coffee industry, beginning with farming his family’s land moving into processing, roasting, marketing and exporting. Mar’s openness to learn about coffee quality and his commitment to creating new opportunities for farmers in the area led him to become a forerunner in specialty coffee in Myanmar.

We’re really excited to be able to bring this coffee to you. Myanmar is a beautiful country, and it’s amazing to be able to be a part of the coffee renaissance. The wild, indigenous cultivar S795 and the newer SL34 variety give this coffee a nice tart fruitiness and clean sweetness that reminds us of a good honeydew melon. This coffee has nice, syrupy body and pleasant acidity, and you’ll get a great cup of coffee however you choose to brew this one. We hope you enjoy it!