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Três Pontas, Minas Gerais
Cocatrel Coop via Hacea Coffee
950 – 1120 MASL
Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuaí, & Topázio
Pulped Natural

Since day one we have been committed to bringing you amazing coffees sourced as traceably and transparently as possible, focusing on lasting relationships and long-term partnerships that benefit all involved. We’ve learned a lot over the past few years. We’ve heard great stories, met some amazing people from every part of the coffee industry, and been a part of some very inspiring projects all over the world.

Prosper is a rotating single-origin coffee project that typically represents the richer, more traditional coffee flavors, but we always like to leave some room for experimentation and evolution. We developed this idea to help directly support smaller projects, cooperatives, and farmers in elevating their presence in the coffee world and furthering their own goals and mission. Prosper will bring you unique coffees from new origins around the world and deepen our commitment to serve.

We’re excited to bring you another solid Brazilian coffee, this time from our friends at Hacea Coffee. This coffee is from a different producer than our previous Brazilian offerings, the Cocatrel Cooperative, and this lot is called ‘Luzia’:

  • Grown at 950 – 1120 MASL
  • Comprised of Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuaí, and Topázio cultivars
  • Pulped natural process

Cocatrel was founded in 1961 and is headquartered in Três Pontas, Minas Gerais. Now one of the largest cooperatives in Brazil with nearly 7,000 members, inventory management is fully integrated with the quality control lab to guarantee traceability and quality with all lots. The specialty team, led by Gabriel, selects, promotes and offers the best tasting coffees from the members of the cooperative.

Hacea Coffee’s relationship with Cocatrel Cooperative goes back 7 years. The direct-trade specialty division is focused on microlots and alternative processing, but also tastes through thousands of samples to create a blend of coffees that fits our target taste profile for their ‘Luzia’ blended lot. All of the coffees used in the lot are grown in the state of Minas Gerais, around the town of Três Pontas.

We hope this coffee inspires you to seize the day and prosper. Enjoy!


  • EK43 Grinder Setting: 0.6
  • In: 19g
  • Out: 52-53g
  • Time: 27-28 seconds