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Testi Adorsi


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Testi Adorsi
Testi Adorsi

Cane Sugar

Key Lime

Orange Blossom

Yirgachefe, Gedeo Zone
Testi Adorsi Washing Station
1900 - 2150 MASL

The Yirgachefe region, in the Gedeo Zone of southern Ethiopia, is world-renown for its clean, floral, and juicy washed coffees and high-quality sundried lots. Aricha, the village in Yirgachefe wordea where this coffee is grown, features some of the most complex coffee flavors in the country. The region is dominated by small family plots, and farmers deliver a mix of local improved varieties plus local landraces like ‘Kurume’. These varieties are referred to collectively as ‘Ethiopian Heirloom’, which is a term used to describe many different local native Typica hybrids as well as new and improved varieties based on the old cultivars.

Prior to the 2018 harvest, the Adorsi washing station had been neglected, abandoned, and out-of-business. Grass covered the entire area, and the buildings were in decay. The farmers of the small plots surrounding the village had to deliver their cherries to another washing station further up the road; far from ideal when the coffee is usually transported on foot or by mule. But just a few months before the harvest of 2018, the local communities met with a new potential station owner: Faysel Yonis, the founder of Testi Coffee. Faysel shared his plans to make Aricha a hub for quality Yirgachefe coffee, and after the traditional coffee ceremony, the elders gave their blessing for Faysel to begin. Just one year later, all four surrounding communities (Aricha, Gersi, Idido, and Reko Onancho) submitted micro-lots for the 2019 Ethiopian Cup and ranked among the top-scoring coffees within the auction.

Grown at an altitude between 1900 and 2150 meters above sea level, this cooperatively grown lot is sourced from a large number of family-owned plots utilizing the region’s nitrogen-rich volcanic soil. This lot was processed at the Adorsi washing station and is comprised of cherries delivered by over 900 smallholder farmers. This coffee has been fully washed, with a total duration of wet fermentation between 24-36 hours before soaking in clean water for an additional 12-24 hours and then dried on raised beds for 10-12 days.

This is our second harvest of this washed Ethiopian coffee, and we’re really excited to have it back in the lineup. The high-altitude production of this coffee comes through with a Colombian-like body and mouthfeel, while the washing and fermentation processes deliver bright key lime and orange blossom citrus flavors and smooth, sweet sugar cane finish. Try this one and treat yourself to something different. We love it, and we think you will too.