El Salvador

$8.00 - $85.00


  • OriginEl Salvador
  • RegionMetapán, Santa Ana
  • ProducersLagunetas
  • Altitude1500 - 1900 MASL
  • VarietyPacas, Bourbon
  • ProcessWashed

We are very excited to introduce Prosper, a new coffee project of ours here at Servant. At first, we imagined releasing Prosper as a new blend to compliment our Flourish and Tribute blends. We let the idea simmer for a while as we worked on a few other projects, and when we revisited the concept, we had a different vision for this project.

Since day one we have been committed to bringing you amazing coffees sourced as traceably and transparently as possible, focusing on lasting relationships and long-term partnerships that benefit all involved. We’ve learned a lot over the past few years. We’ve heard great stories, met some amazing people from every part of the coffee industry, and been a part of some very inspiring projects all over the world. We developed this idea to help directly support smaller projects, cooperatives, and farmers in elevating their presence in the coffee world and furthering their own goals and mission. Prosper will bring you unique coffees from new origins around the world and deepen our commitment to serve.

Prosper will be a rotating single-origin coffee that typically represents the richer, more traditional coffee flavors, but we always like to leave some room for experimentation and evolution. For our first coffee, we bring you

Lagunetas from Metapán, El Salvador:

  • Grown at 1500 – 1900 MASL
  • Comprised of Pacas and Bourbon cultivars
  • Washed process

Located in the northern Santa Ana department and bordering Honduras and Guatemala, the farmers and communities of Lagunetas have had a lot of challenges with their coffee production, from poor access to markets and inconsistent yields to devastation of farms due to coffee leaf rust and aggregators paying unsustainable prices. Three years ago, Alejandro Valiente and the team at CafeNor began working with farmers from this micro region on plant health, wet milling, drying practices, and access to international markets, and now this project produces roughly 5 containers of coffee annually. CafeNor’s mission is to improve the commercialization of coffee with a social and environmental approach, traceability, and direct relationships between producers, roasters, and final consumers in El Salvador and in the world.

A mix of Pacas and Bourbon cultivars grown between 1500 – 1900 meters above sea level, Lagunetas drinks like a much higher-priced coffee. We love the traditional flavors of this coffee, but it also presents with a delightful brightness and slight floral notes to add some character to the mix. We hope this coffee inspires you to seize the day and prosper. Enjoy!