$8.00 - $89.00


  • OriginGuatemala
  • RegionSololá, Atitlán
  • ProducersLos Volcanes Coffee
  • Altitude1500 - 1950 MASL
  • VarietyTypica & Bourbon
  • ProcessWashed

Since day one we have been committed to bringing you amazing coffees sourced as traceably and transparently as possible, focusing on lasting relationships and long-term partnerships that benefit all involved. We’ve learned a lot over the past few years. We’ve heard great stories, met some amazing people from every part of the coffee industry, and been a part of some very inspiring projects all over the world.

Prosper is a rotating single-origin coffee project that typically represents the richer, more traditional coffee flavors, but we always like to leave some room for experimentation and evolution. We developed this idea to help directly support smaller projects, cooperatives, and farmers in elevating their presence in the coffee world and furthering their own goals and mission. Prosper will bring you unique coffees from new origins around the world and deepen our commitment to serve.

For our next coffee, we bring you a more developed roast profile for Fincas Lago de Atitlán Sololá from Guatemala:

  • Grown at 1500 – 1950 MASL
  • Comprised of Typica and Bourbon cultivars
  • Washed process

While we’re currently using this coffee as the base for our Tribute blend, the roast profile for the Propser version is more developed and really brings out the richer, more chocolaty elements of this coffee and we think it works really well with this profile.

Fincas Lago de Atitlán Sololá comes mainly from a village called Pacoc, right outside San Lucas Toliman, in the Sololá department near Lake Atitlán. This coffee is brought to us by our friends as Los Volcanes Coffee, who work closely with nearly 100 producers in the area.

This diverse group of indigenous Kaqchikel Maya coffee producers acquired their land in many different ways, for the most part inheriting the land over generations. Between 1960 and 1996 this region was plagued with extreme violence due to the thirty year long civil war in Guatemala, which caused distrust among people in the region, their communities and even neighbors. After slowly re-establishing trust amongst each other, these farms began working together. Having high quality ancient bourbon varietals scattered about the region, along with other common Caturra, Catimor, Typica, and Sarchimor varieties found in Guatemala, these farms still have the ability to produce great coffees and generate income for the farmers.

Today they continue to improve their methods of cultivation and harvesting techniques as well as strive to improve their quality of life through harvesting specialty coffees. The farmers, who previously had little knowledge of what happened to their cherries after being sold, are now able to see the processing, roasting, and cupping of their coffees and we’re proud to help support such impactful work.

We hope this coffee inspires you to seize the day and prosper. Enjoy!

Espresso: 20g in, 48-50g out @ 27 sec