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Bourbon Brasileiro
Bourbon Brasileiro

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Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais
Los Volcanes Coffee
950 – 1120 MASL
Yellow Bourbon
Pulped Natural

If you’ve enjoyed our coffees in the past, there’s a good chance you’ve tried one from Fazenda Rio Brilhante. Located within a micro-region called Pântano in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, the region is known for its well-defined seasons, consistent seasonal rain, and overall favorable climate for coffee production. These conditions are especially suited for producing naturally processed coffees, which typically represent ~80% of the farm’s total output.

Many of the coffees that we use for our perennial favorite ‘Prosper’ are grown on this sprawling farm complex, but now we’re excited to have something a little different to offer.  “Talking more specifically about this lot,” says Guilherme Martini at Los Volcanes Coffee “it was its second harvest, and it comes from a new area that was planted in 2021. This single variety is part of a project we started a few years ago, and the idea is to use some high potential cultivars that we already harvest separately to make really interesting micro lots. This specific lot was harvested very ripe and juicy, and we carried out a brief and controlled fermentation on the patios to bring out the terroir and all the Yellow Bourbon character.”

Rio Brilhante is run by one of the migrant families who left the south of Brazil in search of new opportunities. Inácio Urban, the founder, was born in the southernmost state of the country, Rio Grande do Sul, and is of German descent. In 2006 Inácio’s children, Erika and Fernando Urban, joined their father in the management of the farm. The arrival of the second generation of the family represents continuity of work and the possibility of innovation. In 2020 the farm was awarded first place in the Ethics and Traceability Award given to farms for their commitment and development of programs to develop people, preserve the environment, and promote responsible agribusiness.

This very unique coffee is an interesting mix of traditionally Brazilian flavor profiles and the more elevated, nuanced flavors from the Yellow Bourbon cultivar that brings a balanced approach to your palate. The experience starts with the crisp sweetness of green apple and quickly evolves into notes of apricot and candied fruit, finishing with the satisfying smoothness of milk chocolate.