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Familia Meza
Familia Meza

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Satipo, Junin
Finca Tasta/Meza Family
1450 - 1600 MASL
Caturra & Catuai

It’s been a while since we’ve offered a single origin coffee from Peru, and we’re excited about this one for a few reasons!

First and foremost, this lot is the fruit of a long personal friendship that extends back more than a decade. We’re very grateful to be able to work with the Meza family and Finca Tasta to bring this lovely Peruvian coffee to your mugs. Edith and Ivan Meza have owned and operated the 56-acre Finca Tasta estate in the community of Challhuamayo for about a decade. The farm has become a major source of employment for the community, employing 6 people on a permanent basis and 36 people during the harvesting months. In addition to coffee, Edith and Ivan produce plantains, yucca, tomatoes, sugarcane, raspberries, and pumpkins. Finca Tasta’s goal for the future is to continue to experiment with coffee processing to diversify their coffee offerings while working towards long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Located in Peru’s Central Rainforest, the state of Satipo isn’t as well known for high-quality coffees as growing regions like Cusco and others in the northern, higher-altitude parts of Peru, but this coffee encourages us to rethink that reputation. This lot not only stands alone as a very enjoyable washed coffee, but it also shows some unique character due to the terroir and processing methods of this region. Grown at relatively low-altitude, this fully washed lot is a bright, sweet coffee with a light body and pleasant crispness that really shines as a pour-over. The sweet/tart balance of green grapes and clean florality of melon makes for a refreshing, uplifting experience as the finish rounds things out with the comforting hint of baker’s chocolate. We hope you enjoy this very unique and refreshing coffee.