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Mbirizi Gatara


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Mbirizi Gatara
Mbirizi Gatara

Brown Sugar



Mbirizi, Kayanza
Salum Ramadhan
1750 - 1850 MASL
Batian, Jackson, K7, Mbirizi 49, Mbirizi 68, SL28
Fully Washed

Although not as well-known as some of its African neighbors, Burundi produces some excellent coffees and is truly a place where responsible coffee trade can positively impact the lives of many who otherwise suffer from the constant uncertainty of civil unrest.

Born and raised in Burundi, Salum Ramadhan operates several washing stations in the Kayanza growing region reflecting his passion for coffee and community.  Cherries are delivered to the washing stations from thousands of producers who cultivate and harvest from just a few hundred coffee trees. Lots are meticulously separated and fully traceable to harvest date and washing station. Each lot is classified through a strict protocol that includes hand sorting and floating the cherry. Salum pays well above the government minimum for cherry and pays farmers extra to sort cherries. He also encourages the farmers to keep and process unused cherries for personal consumption or to sell in the local market and has a nursery program to distribute seedlings to farmers. He has also been paying to build additional classrooms in the local community to alleviate problems with overcrowding in schools.

Mbirizi Gatara comes from the beautiful Kayanza province in northwestern Burundi. It’s a blend of multiple varieties including Baitan, Jackson, and K7, as well as Mbirizi 49 and Mbirizi 68 which are varieties specific to northern Burundi. This coffee has a unique flavor that starts with a hint of citrus and develops into a rich brown sugar sweetness with a touch of florals.