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Muhanga Kiyumba


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Muhanga Kiyumba
Muhanga Kiyumba


Apricot Jelly

Black Currant

Muhanga District,
Southern Province
Kiyumba Washing Station
1300 - 2400 MASL

We’re excited to offer another coffee from our friends at Gihanga Coffee in Rwanda!  Rwandan coffees are known for their sweet, fruity flavors and nice acidity, and Kiyumba brings both to the table.

Brought to the country by German missionaries in the early 20th century, coffee farming in Rwanda began to increase in the 1930s. Initially predominantly low-grade, high volume green coffee beans produced as one of the country’s few significant cash crops, coffee farming in Rwanda grew to represent economic opportunities for many rural families. Today Rwanda is Africa’s ninth largest Arabica coffee producer with about 500,000 Rwandan small coffee farms averaging about 165 coffee trees per coffee farmer. This smooth, shade-grown coffee was produced by a collective of around 1300 small producers associated with the Kiyumba washing station located in the Southern Province’s Muhanga District.

Kiyumba is produced from the Arabica cultivar, believed to be the first coffee varietal ever cultivated and still respresents around 60% of the coffee grown globally. This coffee was grown at elevations between 1300 – 2400 MASL and is fully washed. Roasting this coffee brings out the fruitiness and mellow acidity of apricot jelly and black currant while delivering a full, honey-like finish. This is another solid coffee from one of our favorite origins, and we hope you enjoy it!

Espresso: 19g in, 47-48g out @ 25 sec*

*This is a dense coffee and we roast it a little lighter than some of our other coffees, so it can be a bit tricky on espresso. In general you’ll need a considerably finer grind and will still likely get more liquid out in 25 seconds.